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URBN is a conglomeration of popular consumer brands Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, BHLDN, Terrain, Menus & Venues, and Nuuly. As part of an application to their internship program, I conducted research to inform wireframe designs for their Spring 2021 landing page. This was an entirely solo project and focused on their Urban Outfitters brand.

urbn mockup 2_3x.png

I.   Research

To accommodate the timeline of this project, in lieu of being able to conduct my own qualitative study, I used URBN’s publicly available demographic data to craft user personas. According to their annual report, their target audience is sophisticated, self-expressive, and engaged young adults between the ages of 18-28.
Using this data, social media scans, and my understanding of online youth culture as a chronically online young adult, I determined the following.

Urban Outfitters’ ideal customer is the artistic Gen Z or young millennial. They are in a state of transition and in the process of developing a personal and artistic identity, which they express through their clothing choices. They value sustainability, inclusivity, and individuality.

User Persona: Nina Santos



Age: 20

Education: currently a college sophomore


+ sustainability
+ self-expression
+ individuality
+ diversity


+ actively engaged on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok
+ advocates for her beliefs online

+ pays attention to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends
+ began online shopping more frequently during the pandemic

Nina's User Needs

While Nina values wants to decrease her reliance on fast fashion to help the environment, she is a young college student without the means to pay for expensive sustainable brands or shop from small businesses at the prices they deserve.
Nina uses TikTok to find products she’s interested in, like corsets and crystals to pursue her budding interest in spirituality. But, she doesn’t have much time to shop and finds Urban’s large catalog overwhelming.

How I can help

Landing page highlights collections that pertain directly to Gen Z interests, pulled from the biggest online consumer trends in Winter/Spring 2021.


+ Support Small Businesses/Artists: top of landing page features small artist collaboration, Chelsea Bravo

+ "Spiritual Awakening” as a featured collection, in light of popular Gen Z #witchtok and #spirituality trends on TikTok


II.   Creative

A. Trend Analysis

As part of creative development for this project, I reviewed 2021 graphic design trend reports and created moodboards based on my findings. This review informed a number of design choices for the site, including the earth-toned color palette, high contrast serif font as Heading 1, and geometric typography.

B. Brand Personality


+ edgy

+ hipster

+ quirky

+ self-esteem

Customer Profile:

+ ages 18-30
+ social media-savvy
+ trendy
+ expressive
+ strong values


The Maverick (aka, the Rebel)

C. Guide





Heading 1: Caslon CP

Heading 2: Jost, Semi

Heading 3: Jost, Book

Artboard 85_4x-8.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 2.20.52 PM.png

III. Wireframes

urbn mockup_3x.png
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