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If you're looking for an interdisciplinary background, I'm your girl.

My degree is in public (mental) health. Right now, I freelance. I'm a researcher, a self-taught designer, and avid Pinterest-er. 

I used to worry that my varied background was a weakness.

Turns out, designers have to be analytical, and researchers have to be artistic. And, my experiences give me a unique perspective. 


My interests lie at the intersection of mental health, language, and technology.

What am I looking out for? Human-centered philosophies. A reverence for the power of the language and narrative. Celebration of diverse backgrounds. To name a few.



"Pay attention to what you pay attention to". Much of my brain space is occupied by graphic art trends, fonts, and color palettes. My speciality? Empowering local businesses with creative vision, and giving them the tools to build their own digital presence.


What I'd like to do more of? Qualitative methods. I'm ready to explore techniques that prioritize a more robust type of data. I'm looking for human-centered endeavors that use data to identify real user needs.


I write a mean systematic review, but I can also turn that review into a blog post, instagram story, or report. Wielding academic jargon is exciting, and I'm equally motivated to translate those insights for the general public. 

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